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The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Amp is made from taking a ‘JAM’ Jar Amp Kit and Wiring it into an old Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Pickup Box.


This Amp has been installed in an old Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Pickup box, the writing on the box can still be read but please note, the pickups are not included. 

 The ‘JAM’ JAR Kit is a high gain small amp, that will power any external cabinet up to 16ohms including a 4×12.

The design of the amp naturally has an overdriven sound/ high gain at full volume, but as you turn down the volume on your guitar (which is essentially the volume for the amp) it will clean up the sound.

It can also be plugged into the input of an amp and used as an overdrive! **Warning this also makes your amp very loud**

The ‘JAM’ Jar website, Facebook and contact.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your Crimson Guitars precision hand tools as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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