At Crimson Guitars we are setting out on a journey to provide you with as much top quality HD video content as possible, from the obvious: demo videos of each new guitar we build, to ‘tutorials and how to build a guitar’ videos walking you through some of the processes involved in building bespoke hand made guitars.  We are constantly working to improve the quality of the finished video and to create new content while we do.

The PAF 25 Guitar Build series | watch a custom guitar come together from timber to tunes

guitar building tutorial videos

This series of videos, part of the new online guitar building course, follows Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars through the entire process of building a custom guitar, from the raw timber to applying lacquer and stringing up the new guitar for the first time.  Over two hours of footage showing a broad overview of each process with commentary and tips from Ben throughout, whether you are interested in learning how to build a guitar yourself or just wonder exactly what goes into making a bespoke guitar this is the series for you.




Learn how to build a guitar with Crimson Guitars videos

guitar making tutorial videos

The Crimson Guitars online guitar building course is constantly being updated and added to and is completely free, for now.  As well as series of videos following one custom guitar from start to finish we have a weekly series called Guitar Builders Basics looking at the smallest jobs that don’t often get talked about to more in depth video tutorials teaching how to fret your new guitar or how to properly sharpen your tools.

You can also follow the Guitar Builders Blog every week for the most recent projects.



Crimson Guitars custom guitar demo videos

Custom Guitar demosEach custom guitar we complete is now filmed and we put the demo videos up here.  We create entirely unique custom guitars that are built to the direct specifications of the client who ordered it and this certainly makes for a fun and disparate set of bespoke guitars.  From 8 string instruments to Kaoss Pad controlling guitars with built in fx pedals to more stripped back custom Les Pauls with exotic timbers and straight forward electronics.  Our longest demo videos are of course the Robert Fripp signature guitars that have MIDI pickups, piezo saddles the Fernandes sustainer and all of this on top of a standard magnetic pickup system.  Check out the gallery for an overview of some of the 130 or so guitars and basses we have built over the past decade.