Friday 4th September 2009

a fresh start on Nimrod’s sister guitars..


and purpleheart bodies.. I’m really looking forward to the A/B test on these two!

and then I stop and think about processess.. creating the custom headstocks will be much easier before the necks and bodies combine!!

what do you think Nimrod?  What you’re after?

on to David’s neck.. the excess ebony is bandsawed away… carefully, a sneeze here could be a bit unfortunate!!

and Ben Bennet’s neck is here too.. side’s planed flush with the neck

and the custom radius is planed and sanded in place.. again being careful to double-check every straight line!

the fret-slots are marked in place

and cut

finally the abalone dots are installed and left to dry..

the 12 string neck on this Ibanez double-necked guitar has given up under the strain..

and it doesn’t surprise me when I look at just how little wood there is in the joint! .. first off I try and figure out the best way to clamp her together..

and realise that a few screws are the only real way.. we need more strength in there than is available just from the joint..

glue is inserted everywhere.. including the predrilled screw-holes.. and a bit of plastic is used..

to prevent the clamping caul from getting stuck to the body..

in the end the holes are filled with mahogany dust and glue.. ready for finishing..

the ebony ‘board on David’s neck is routed for binding

and once again some tools need a good sharpening.. very neccessary when working with such nice woods!!

the fret slots are marked out.,. etc etc

and the time has come for a new custom acoustic guitar design..

..and for inspiration this 25 year old piece of guitar porn is brought in.. and old manson jazzer..

now, the new one is a flat top.. custom soundhole and, hopefully, a tonaliy specific bridge system..

..we’ll sleep on this for a week or two.. questions and comments on the Forum if you have any..?

back to David’s neck.. the violin style purfling channels are marked out

and recessed by hand.. though I must say the next time I’ll be making a custom bit of kit to cut it with a mini-router or something!!

when dry the excess is planed off

and the end piece glued in and left to cure..

these 3-D inlays are finally pretty much there.. the excess filler is scraped off with a new razor blade

and after a good polish the frets are glued in place..

and here we welcome the weekend in.. Have a great one!!
All my best, Ben
Crimson Custom Guitars