A Baritone Tele Guitar Build – Tutorial Series2016-09-14T15:59:27+00:00

This is a tutorial / demo video from Ben Crowe at Crimson Guitars in the UK.

Video 1 – Follow Ben as he takes an unfortunate twist in a custom guitar neck and uses it to his advantage with a new guitar build.
Start to finish, this series will follow the build of a new Baritone production guitar.

Video 2 – In this video, Ben unboxes the hardware to go onto this guitar.  He will be installing a T-style Stetsbar Pro II tremolo system.  And a new set of pickups from a UK based company, House of Tone Pickups.

Video 3 – Ben begins to install the House of Tone pickups into the Stetsbar Pro 2 tremolo system and decides how to install the neck pickup.  The Stetsbar came with a neck shim and Ben has to do a little work to fit it.

Video 4 – Ben decided that the neck shim that came with the Stestbar Pro II was a bit too thick for this guitar.  Using the masking tape trick, Ben planes down the shim to the thickness he needs.

Video 5 – Ben installs the staggered tuners and strings the guitar.

Video 6 – Ben installs the controls and hardware, with a little bit of soldering this guitar is ready for set-up.  A quick sound test with a cool Jam Jar Amp and Ben is very pleased.

Video 7 – Toby James has come to the studio to help us film demos of some of our new guitars, include the Bari-Tele.