One Series

The One Series introduces a range of affordable production guitars from Crimson Guitars in the UK. Based on some of the most popular custom guitars created by Ben Crowe in the last decade.

At Crimson Guitars we have been building boutique instruments for over a decade for some of the world’s most discerning musicians including Robert Fripp, Charlie Jones and Chris George.  Through that time, we have grown from a one-person company in a garden shed to one set in a 4000+ square foot factory with 17 full time luthiers, tool makers, apprentices and support staff.

From the start we have been dreaming of producing a full spectrum of quality production guitars and finally have the capability to do so.  With three CNC machines and 4 luthier and apprentice teams, we now have the capacity to produce the new One Series and Artist Series guitars .

This range of production guitars will consist of Crimson’s Descendant and PAF models and will soon expand to include a stripped down version of our own S-type, the Dissident.

This is our entry level series of production guitars with prices starting from as little as £800 per guitar.  However, the instrument is made entirely in our Dorset factory and, where possible, uses UK designed Wilkinson Hardware and pickups.  The guitars are finished in either a solid color polyurethane paint or, for natural wood, the Crimson Guitar Finishing Oil with wax, for a soft sheen.

These guitars are currently built to order, though we may have some in stock on our webstore, we are also talking to dealers around the world and hope to have them in a store near you very soon.

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