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Join the Luthiers Guild to follow detailed Guitar Building Video Tutorials, discuss all aspects of Luthiery in the private Forums and learn how to make your own guitar in the process all while helping to support Crimson Guitars as they produce more new luthiery videos each week than is strictly sane. Premium members are also eligible for 5%, 10% OR 15% discounts in our luthiers supply and tool store as one extra perk, we really do appreciate your support.

Hundreds of video tutorials are free to view, including searchable playlists direct from YouTube while premium guild members have access to a growing library of private videos, interviews with our team of luthiers and tips and tricks to help your own guitar building blossom. Every member, from Free to Master Apprentice, has access to the Forums and the many, many free guitar building video tutorials available. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to ask questions in the forums for our weekly ‘Guild Builders Basics Video Podcast’.

  • Yandles Woodworking Show 2016

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