Guitar finishing and surface preparation tools and products from Crimson Guitars in the UK.
We always recommend that you test any product you are planning to use to finish your product on a test piece of the same wood, to be sure you will get the result you are looking for before committing and using it on your project.

  • Stunning Stains

    Stunning Stains

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  • Guitar Finishing Oil

    Guitar Finishing Oil

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  • 5-fret-rubbers-F

    Fret Rubber – Fret Polishing Abrasive

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  • Cleaner-and-Restorative-Set (1)

    Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative Set

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  • Stunning Stains 1.5ml Sample

    Stunning Stains Sample Bottles

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  • all-shots-watermark

    Stunning Stains Shots

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  • sheilding-paint (3)

    Rear Guard Shielding Paint

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  • cleaner-and-restorative-1-litre-edit

    Fretboard Cleaner & Restorative 1 Litre

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