New Tools

Find the latest releases from Crimson Guitars in the UK.
Please note that the majority of our tools are handmade so the tool you receive may not match the picture shown exactly but every tool is of an equally high standard.

  • all-shots-watermark

    Stunning Stains Shots

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  • Radius Blocks

    Radius Blocks – Various Lengths

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  • Strap Button with Leather button felts

    Leather Strap Button Felts

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  • famag-extra-long-drill-bits-3

    Famag Extra Long Drill Bits

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  • fret-bending-jig-2.0

    Fret Bending Jig 2.0

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  • string-spreaders-1-of-3

    String Spreader

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  • Sanding Blocks leather base

    Sanding Block

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  • ferrule-press-4-of-4

    Ferrule Setter

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  • cleaner-and-restorative-1-litre-edit

    Fretboard Cleaner & Restorative 1 Litre

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  • hand-stitched-rasp-fine-1

    Hand Stitched Rasps

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  • leadwood-mallet-both-2

    Leadwood Mallet

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  • spool-clamp-1

    Luthiers Spool Clamps

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