• Notched Straightedge Notched Straightedge

    Notched Straight Edge for Guitar

    A notched straight edge is a recent invention and a welcome one, it helps the luthier or guitar repair person to see how flat the actual fretboard is rather than just the frets and this makes for a much more precise fret job.  At Crimson Guitars we don't just sit back and replicate what is already being made, we improve!
    One side is notched to fit over long scale Fender and Martin frets and the other to fit over most Gibson and PRS scale lengths 25", 24.75" and 25.5". Dimensions:
    • length 474mm
    • width 39mm
    • thickness 5mm
    "Stop Press" Our new bass guitar notched straight edges are here - order yours now. At 720mm long in total, one side of the Bass notched straight edge fits over 32", 33" and 34" (Fender) scale lengths and the other side covers 35" and 36" scale lengths. Dimensions:
    • length 720mm
    • width 39mm
    • thickness 5mm
    Buy both and get a £5 discount
  • Essential Fret Levelling and Dressing Toolkit

    The Essential fret levelling and Crowning toolkit from Crimson Guitars will allow you to dress and crown the frets of most guitars with ease and simplicity. By buying this set of tools you are receiving them at over 5% discount.  This essential toolkit consists of the following:
    • a Notched Straight Edge for Guitar
    • a 16" Levelling Beam
    • a Fret Crowning File
    • a Fret Rocker
    • the Medium, Fine and Superfine Fret Polishing Abrasives
    You also have options to add, at a discount, the following :