Robert Fripp Hollow standard

We are incredibly proud to build Robert Fripps signature guitar.  Where we differ from most guitar builders who are associated with such a luminary of the music world is that we very rarely build the same thing twice, even Roberts personal instruments have varied in spec over the years with the current version set to include the Ghost piezo and MIDI system built into a custom tremolo that we build in house at Crimson Guitars.  Instead we use the as many of Roberts spec choices as our clients want and build them into a frame that is utterly bespoke, the neck shape, number of frets, type of hardware and electronics and even materials used are all customisable.

The body style tends to stay firmly in the Les Paul arena but even here there are changes made to accommodate different numbers of frets and the physique of the client.  Roberts personal choice is the Hollowbody, a completely hollow Les Paul type guitar built along the lines of a traditional acoustic but keeping the carved top and feel he has grown used to in his long career, The second basic option we work from is a more modern ergonomic design with complete access to all the frets and a carved body to make for a supremely comfortable guitar that seems to fit like you were born with it.

The Hollow Standard has the original specs chosen by Robert, the Kahler tremoloRoland GK-3 MIDI pickup to control a synthesiser and the Fernandes sustainer matched with a more standard, though still custom made, magnetic pickup system.  It has a stripped back feel with a solid paint finish that hides the complex construction beneath, it is built as if it were a standard acoustic with a carved top and is extremely light weight and resonant.


body neck hardware electronics
heavily tone-chambered mahogany body mahogany multi-laminate neck sperzel locking tuners bespoke wizard humbucker at the bridge position
maple top deep set neck tenon design kahler 2317, brass on steel stacked rails humbucker in the middle position
gloss lacquer finish over black paint padouk fretboard dual action truss rod fernandes sustainer at the neck position
all access neck to body carve 22 small frets chrome hardware magnetic volume, tone and three way toggle
ergonomic body shaping compound fretboard radius middle pickup separate volume and on/off toggle
24.75″ scale length sustainer on/off, three-way mode selection toggle
small abalone dots roland GK-3 MIDI pickup next to bridge
slimfast carve MIDI up/down buttons, MIDI/mix/magnetic toggle and MIDI volume