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  • Nut Slotting File Set - Medium

    Nut Slotting File Sets

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  • Trapezoid Inlays – Mother of Pearl

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  • Fret Finishing File

    Fret Finishing File

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  • Final Amount for Custom Shop Descendent Blackwood top

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  • Kit Guitar LP-type Trapezoid Inlays

    Kit Guitar – LP-type Pre-order

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  • The Crimson "Classic Hookers" bespoke box

    Classic Hookers – Humbucker Set

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  • Parts Tray PAF Shape

    Custom Guitar Shaped Parts Tray

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  • Artist Series Descendant Molten Copper Front and Back

    Custom Shop Molten Copper Descendant

    Sale! £2,799.00 £1,995.00
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  • Descendant Zebrano Guitar Front & Back

    Custom Shop Zebrano Top Descendant

    Sale! £1,995.00 £1,395.00
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  • Stunning Stains 250ml bottles

    Stunning Stains

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  • Guitar Finishing Oil

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  • Fret Rubber – Fret Polishing Abrasive

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  • Stunning Stains Shots

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