Cyberpunk Guitar Ltd Edition Custom Shop Run of Ten

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After the huge interest in my build series following the development of the guitar pictured here we as a company decided that it would be a pity to only let one of these instruments out into the world.  The build was meant to show what could be achieved by a sufficiently insane luthier with a workshop and some time.. and we think we can improve on the concept while staying true to its roots.

The plan is to rout the hexagonal sound holes and tone chamber before the top is glued to the body and to add the chamfered joint after the fact.  I will replicate, by hand, the custom carves to top and back as well as the chamfers on the soundholes and sides of the guitar.  I will also engrave and stain the inlays, cut the logo and back of the headstock signature in the same way as I did in the build.. The only thing I will change is that you, the customer, can choose a custom stain/finish/LED effect.. if blue isn’t your thing, why not a stealth black version with silver highlights, or an orange to blue lateral burst in the tradition of, like every single dvd cover ever.. the world is your oyster, and I want to stain it!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we will be right back to you with a hard line sales pitch (or not) and customer service to die for! I’m very much looking forward to building one of these for you. – Ben


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