Traditional Fret Crowning 3-Corner File


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This 200mm long traditional triangular fret dressing file that has been precision ground for guitar fret crowning or profiling work.

  • quality smooth cut file 12mm wide
  • 150mm long with a 130mm working length
  • 3-square file
  • precision ground safe edges
  • custom Sapele 60mm handle
  • made in the UK by Crimson Guitars


This 200mm long traditional triangular fret dressing file that has been precision ground for guitar fret crowning or profiling work.

  • Quality double cut file
  • 150mm long with a 130mm working length
  • 3-square file
  • Precision ground safe edges
  • Custom Sapele 60mm handle
  • Made in the UK by Crimson Guitars
 Our fret crowning files are the traditional tool for profiling frets after a fret levelling job and come with a custom, ergonomic 60mm mahogany handle.  All three corners of the file have been precision ground to create a safe edge that will not damage your fretboard as you work (although we do recommend masking off your fretboard in any case).

Check out the video below for an overview of our fret crowning tools and how to use them.

This video was published in 2013 since then many tool designs have changed and some of the files are sourced from different manufacturers.  An up to date video coming soon.


See our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your Crimson Guitars precision hand tool; as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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10 reviews for Traditional Fret Crowning 3-Corner File

  1. roaminrobin

    The handle on this is what sets it apart. The facets make it really ergonomic. The file is awesome as well with the flat edges making it easy to set it down and round over until you start biting the fret and then smoothly filing away what you need. Great tool.

  2. Marquesguitars (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Love the handle! The cut is smooth compared to their competitors’ files. U.S. buyers…. plan ahead. Shipping takes about a week. Not a huge deal but does bring a project to a halt if you’re ready for fret dressing.

  3. jsm.morris (verified owner)

    Well made, comfy to use, and performs brilliantly. Thanks!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    I really like the way the handle fits in the hand, and the quality of the file itself is nice. The design makes it really easy to do good fret work even for a novice like myself. I will definitely be purchasing more tools from Crimson.

  5. clabish (verified owner)

    Lovely file, works well on my ukulele’s little frets. The handle sets this file apart from the rest.

  6. chutnifier (verified owner)

    Right from the packaging to the tool itself, pure class. In all fairness, the item I received has “Made in India” inscribed on the metal portion. I guess the handle and assembly may be done in the U.K. The workmanship and finishing are the best of any tool I’ve bought so far (like other users have stated, the handle is wonderful.) Well done.

  7. Craig Orrell (verified owner)

    Really good usable tool for re-crowning frets even for a novice like me. Nice ergonomic handle feels good in the hand for precise work. Just done a bit of work on a high fret I had on my guitar and re-crowned it with this file and finished of with the Crimson fret rubbers. My guitar is now playing better than ever and saved myself a trip to the guitar repairers! The file was well packaged and promptly delivered. Good service Crimson!

  8. Kenni (verified owner)

    I’ve never really been all that keen on the traditional crowning files, but the good people at Crimson helped me make up my mind!
    I’m really happy that I took a chance on this Traditional crowning file, because it’s super and really great to use!
    As others also say, the handle is great and the file feels really good in my hand, when working it!
    The cut is smooth and the flat fret tops is quickly and easy rounded back up!
    I’ll go most of the way with the traditional crowning file, then followed by a modern concave crowning file – just to smooth it all up! I’m very, very pleased with that!

    If you are not used to the technique, using this traditional crowning file, then you’ll have to start out slowly and work your way up – until you are more used to it.
    The safe edges on the file will really help you to guide the file across the frets, and make sure that you are not damaging anything on your guitar!

    Quality tools, made from the best materials and worth every penny, really!

    You can’t go wrong here!

  9. tp (verified owner)

    Just perfect in the hand. Exactly as advertised!

  10. Jason Mans (verified owner)

    Just received mine in the mail. This is an excellent file for a really cheap price. It came quite quickly, considering it was coming from the UK to Canada. Much quicker shipping than StewMac and was more than half the price of anything comparable. I’ve put off buying anything from Crimson before, but I will definitely not hesitate again in the future.

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