Fret Rubber – Fret Polishing Abrasive


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  • Coarse, medium, fine or superfine grade
  • Professional fret finish, easily
  • Quickly gets rid of sanding marks
  • Follows fret shape and will polish every surface
  • Made entirely in the UK by luthiers


Crimson’s own Fret Polishing Abrasives:

  • Coarse, medium, fine or superfine grade
  • Professional fret finish, easily
  • Quickly gets rid of sanding marks
  • Follows fret shape and will polish every surface
  • Made entirely in the UK by luthiers

An easy way to make your frets shine, our Fret Rubbers are rubber impregnated with abrasive grit and they come in four grades: Coarse (up to 600 grit), Medium (up to 1,000 grit), Fine (up to 1,600 grit) and Superfine (up to 2,200 grit).

Our hand moulded fret rubbers are made in the UK and are much easier to use when polishing a guitar’s fret wire than steel wool and leave a less damaging mess.

The rubber is semi-rigid and has been formulated to conform to the shape of any fret you have and thus polishes the whole fret every time.  You will need to mask off your fretboard.

The coarse grit is perfect for removing scratches from 400 grit sandpaper and the grades move up to super-fine which leaves a mirror-like polish without the need for any further polishing compounds or machines.

Check out our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your Crimson Guitars precision hand tools as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg

1,600 (Fine), 1000 (Medium), 2,200 (Super Fine), 600 (Coarse), All Four Grades

7 reviews for Fret Rubber – Fret Polishing Abrasive

  1. roaminrobin

    I used these as a test to see if I could shine up a corroded fret and when I was done it stood out brilliantly. My only gripe if I have big hands and these are small but i’ve done 3 fret shine jobs so far and it barely shows on the rubbers. They are going to last me a long time.

  2. IndiEstructibleProductions

    Superb products and so easy to use! I was always getting really fed up with having to use different sandpapers -which gets really expensive-, wire wool and polishing compound -which both get really messy-, and then I got the fret rubbers and haven’t looked back. Really simple and easy to use, and you get that mirror shine much much quicker than with the wire wool, sandpaper and polish.

    Don’t believe me? Watch my review and see just how cool these things are 🙂

  3. ray.twyman (verified owner)

    Wow! I love these polishing rubbers. After years and years of using wire wool and other messy horrible stuff, to get frets to look and feel great, I can now keep my hands clean and get a better finish in half the time.

  4. Mark

    Most of my collection consists of second-hand or vintage instruments, so I grabbed a super-fine fret rubber to just add a bit of extra polish and shine when full fret work isn’t necessary. Only used on one guitar so far, but I got exactly the result I was hoping for, miles easier to use than a file or otherwise. Allows me to tackle something I probably would have just lived with before.

  5. Craig Orrell (verified owner)

    Decided to see if I could tackle some much needed maintenance work on my Applause acoustic to restore some of its lustre lost over some 15 years! The frets needed some TLC and decided rather buying a load of sand papers that will get lost in my garage I plumped for these fret rubbers that are easier to store in my man drawer. Bought all 4 grades and after an hour or so I had some gleaming frets that probably looked better than the day it left the factory. My guitar felt really good and seemed to have a brighter tone even before I replaced the strings with new ones. Highly recommend these even if its for the occasional tune up of your own guitar collection. These will last me a while

  6. bass58 (verified owner)

    My review would essentially echo the other positive comments here. They will bring a very high shine to your frets – if you put in the effort. However, I want to offer a note of caution. The point that needs to be emphasised, and it does state this in the product description, is that you do need to mask your fingerboard when you use them. Don’t be tempted to leave the fingerboard unprotected. It might seem like a chore, especially in the narrow spaces higher up the neck, but I ended up with faint abrasions in the wood and dark staining in the cream binding. It was fortunate for me that I was yet to clean and oil the fingerboard so the abrasions now don’t show, but I had to scrape the binding to restore its colour. That aside, they do an excellent job.

  7. Kenni (verified owner)

    These Fret Polishing Rubbers are fantastic, they really are! They will quickly shine up any old and corroded frets. I gave them a test run on and old neck I had laying around, where the frets were in rough condition, and after doing just one fret I could easily see the difference! The Fret Rubbers bring out an excellent shine and a well polished surface – without the need for doing any further polishing afterwards.

    They’re flexible, easy to use and you can quickly see your progress.
    They seem to hold up quite well, so I won’t hesitate to use then, whenever I need to.

    All in all – I’m very happy with this product – and I would kindly recommend them.


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