Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative Set


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This set is made up of 2 bottles of the Cleaner and Restorative.  Each bottle is 50ml.

These products are natural, clean and safe to use.  With no silicone or petroleum based ingredients.



This set is made up of 2 bottles of the Cleaner and Restorative.  Each bottle is 50ml.

Alternatively, you can purchase 1 Litre quantities here.

These products are natural, clean and safe to use.  With no silicone or petroleum based ingredients.

  • The Restorative is a blend of medicinal grade natural oils, gentle on both your fretboard and your hands.
  • The Cleaner is based on a vintage recipe used for over 3 centuries to clean stringed instruments of the highest quality.
  • Both products are free of abrasives and with zero silicone or petroleum products.
  • Our restorative lotion has a blend of medical grade natural oils perfected for our Luthiers over years.
  • Shipped and stored in Aluminium screw cap or spray cap bottles.  For optimum shelf life please do not decant into any other containers.

How to use:

  • Use the Cleaner before you use the Restorative oil.  Spray the Cleaner directly onto your fretboard (a little goes a long way) and spread along the fretboard with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper.  Wipe away the excess until your fretboard is touch dry.
  • This Cleaner is gentle and safe to use on your guitar body finish, tuners and control knobs.  Just keep it away from delicate electronics.
  • Our Restorative is made using only the best natural oils and is very gentle on your hands.
  • Both products are 100% free of abrasives and contain absolutely no silicone or petroleum components.
  • Apply the Restorative with a soft cloth or strong tissue paper.  Cover the entire fretboard and leave for 5 minutes to soak in.  Reapply as needed if the wood appears dry in places.  Once the fretboard is saturated, wipe away the excess with a soft, clean cloth or tissue paper.  Polish the fretboard until touch dry.
  • This product is non-flammable, but please dispose of used cloth carefully.

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7 reviews for Fretboard Cleaner and Restorative Set

  1. IndiEstructibleProductions

    Go check out my review of these products, where I face them off against the “big boys”

    Amazing, amazing product. Hands down far better than the usual D’Addario/Dunlop lemon oils and the like.

  2. Mark

    Outstanding product! I’ve recently acquired a classical guitar that’s clearly been well-favored and the fretboard could use some serious attention. As I won’t have access to that guitar again for a few days I tried the products out on a 1960s parlour guitar and couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Product was super easy to apply, I just used a few pieces of kitchen roll, and while I was a little worried about the size of the containers when I took them out of the bottle, clearly a little goes a heck of a long way and it’ll be while before I need to reorder even if all of my axes get a regular spring clean.

    Cleaner removed a lot of grime onto the paper with one application, restorative covered the fretboard with very little effort, and I barely had any excess left to wipe away at the end. Guitar is no longer showing it’s age!

  3. RexH (verified owner)

    Great products!
    I’ve been using these cleaners and restoratives since they first became available for sale. I’ve bought a lot of these and have just acquired a 1Litre bottle of each.

    The restorative is an absolutely fantastic product. Next to the lemon oil it is like a god send. Lemon oil always seems to leave residue on the fingerboard, like a horrible salty, sandy feel under the fingers. It is very runny and spends most of it’s time sat on the surface doing nothing, normally I would leave lemon oil for 5/10 to penetrate the wood.
    Crimsons restorative is fantastic. It penetrates deep and doesn’t leave debris on the surface of the fingerboard or the frets. It brings back a very natural and deep colour to the wood, which is essentially why most people even use lemon oil! It feels smooth, well invisible under the finger when you play the guitar after applying it. It’s very hard to explain but essentially it makes a guitar feel and play how you would imagine a guitar would play. Smooth, like silk. Fantastic!

    The cleaner is absolutely fantastic! I have recently cleaned up an old Aria Pro 2 and Marlin Sidewinder for one of my chain smoking clients. It cleared a vast amount of the sticky tobacco residue of the surface of the finish with ease, and restored the lacquer to it’s original glossy new look. It also works great on hardware too, it really brings the shine back to dull chrome!

  4. Nick_S (verified owner)

    I used the Fretboard Restorative on my very dry Telecaster fretboard. It was so dry, it felt unpleasant to use. Applying the fretboard restorative using a cotton pad, it quickly absorbed and restored the colour. Upon application of a second coat, the silky finish arrived. Fantastic stuff. The cleaner works well also, making light work of finger prints, general grime and fretboard gunk. The products go a long way too, making them very good value for money.

  5. vinogradov.cybernoise (verified owner)

    Very good product.

    Очень хороший продукт, рекомендую.

  6. j.mcksmith (verified owner)

    Very happy with these products. Gives the fretboard a very nice sheen without any residue. (The restorative has a very nice smell as well.) A little goes a long way.

  7. Jacob.niehaus (verified owner)

    Step one when I purchase a new guitar and get it home is to go to town with the fretboard cleaner and restorative. It made a difference on EVERY guitar I own.

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