• UK grown ash handle
  • 7″ long quality single cut file
  • Bastard cut file
  • Perfect for fretboards
  • Ergonomic handle

At Crimson Guitars we are huge fans of making guitar by hand and we tend to shape our fretboards using hand planes, however, there have been times with particularly exotic (or just plain contrary) timbers that the plane cannot cope and the cross graining creates a rough and unsightly finish.  Our fretboard levelling files are made using Bastard Cut files and are perfect for carefully filing the fretboard perfectly flat, no matter which way the grain may be facing.  These files can also be used as a fret levelling tool if you want to take the frets down particularly fast but we would recommend our dedicated Fret Levelling File for that job.

They come finished in hard wearing shellac and as standard with a quality bastard cut file that is firmly glued along its entire length to the comfortable handle for the maximum stability and to keep the file perfectly flat.  They are 1 1/4 inches wide and 7 inches long (one inch longer than the StewMac tools) and made in the UK using exotic timber off-cuts from our guitar making business.

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