Manual Pickup Winder Kit


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The Manual Coil Winder by CNC Design Limited allows you to create your own custom pickups to suit whatever style or tone you’re looking for.

The Manual Coil Winder allows you to create your own custom guitar pickups doing it the traditional way of guiding the wire by hand and creating a scatter wind.  It has been designed to be as low maintenance as possible, it is delivered dry to keep the machine as clean as possible during assembly.  When using the coil winder, the bearings will need to be lightly greased periodically.  This machine is sturdy with no flex or wobble even at high speeds. It is constructed from aluminum 6mm & 10mm plates all around. It is topped with high-quality bearings. This machine is designed to get the job done.

The machine can be configured for left-hand people or right-hand people but simply moving the bobbin plate and feeder guide arm to either side of the machine.

The first 25 of this sold will be delivered as the complete assembled machine as pictured, after this the Winder will be delivered as a self-assembly kit.  The price includes the build service.

With the machine, you will receive a USB Drive containing the Windows Software to control the coil winder over USB Communications.  It runs on DC power of 24 volts and is supplied with a 24V 3amp power supply, as well as a UK mains lead and USB cable.


Supplied with

  • Dimensions of base plate 200mm width x 200mm depth
  • Max Bobbin Diameter 100mm
  • Max speed with DC Motor 5000RPM
  • 6 pin Traverse add on Port
  • 5 pin Gauss Meter add-on Port
  • USB remote controlled via Windows software (XP and Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 supported)
  • Free Firmware upgrades and Free Windows Software.
  • Access to a VIP support area, where we can tweak the software to suit your needs and help you setup your machine.

Basically, it should cover most tasks for small business/hobby needs.


Please note that there will be a slight wait time between ordering the machine and taking delivery as we do not hold stock of these on our premises.

Kits: The kits will be £430.00

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for video tutorials on how to effectively use this tool.  Coming soon.

We ship Worldwide, no exceptions!


Additional information

Weight 4.05 kg
Dimensions 35 x 35 x 35 cm