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This is the perfect product to give your guitar a natural looking finish.  This oil can give a matte finish or a gloss finish depending on the number of applications.  It penetrates the wood well, dries quickly, is water resistant and will not change colour or crack with age.



This is the perfect product to give your guitar a natural looking finish.

This penetrating oil can give a matte finish or a gloss finish depending on the number of applications.  It penetrates the wood well, dries quickly, is water resistant and will not change color or crack with age.

Our 150ml bottle of Penetrating Guitar Finishing Oil is enough to cover one full guitar to a gloss finish, or two guitars if applied to a matte finish.  For best results apply 4 to 6 coats of finish with 2 to 4 hours of curing time in between.

Apply the initial coat to finely sanded wood, at least, 240 grit.  Apply with a brush, soft cloth or rub in with 1200 grit wet and dry paper.  Leave to cure for 5 to 10 minutes, or until sticky.  Rub off the excess with a clean cloth and leave to cure completely before applying the next coat.

I find that the best result is  achieved rubbing the oil in with 1200 grit wet and dry paper and then wiping away all the excess until you have a finish that is dry to the touch.  A few coats like this followed by, if you fancy, some wax.  I like heating up the cloth I apply wax with so it goes easier.  You shouldn’t need to key the surface before applying more coats but if you want to just rub back a little bit with more 1200 grit wet and dry using a little of the oil as a lubricant. – Ben Crowe

Safety – 

This oil is a flammable liquid and vapour (H226) It contains White Spirit (D40) and ETHYL METHYL KETOXIME.  Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.  Please do not smoke around this product.

Keep the container tightly closed when not in use.  This product should have a long life if stored correctly in the original bottle and kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. (P402+P235) Store and use in a well-ventilated area.

Dispose of any cloths you use into a bucket of water, if allowed to dry these cloths will become highly flammable.  (P501) Dispose of contents/container in accordance with national regulations.

Oil may be fatal if swallowed and enters airways. (H304)  If swallowed, IMMEDIATELY call a POISON CENTER/ doctor. (P310 + P310) Do NOT induce vomiting (P331)

Please wear protective gloves/clothing.  (P303+P361+P353)  If you get this product on your skin (or hair), remove the contaminated clothing immediately and rinse with clean water.

Complete Safety Data Sheet available on request.

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15 reviews for Penetrating Guitar Finishing Oil

  1. Kev

    I used the guitar finishing oil on a flame maple top and headstock I had stained with Crimson stunning stain. I also used it on the back of the guitar which was mahogany. I sanded the wood to a 600 grit sandpaper and left the grain open. The oil was very easy to apply and give you a very good finish. On the maple I built it up to give me a gloss finish which really brought out the colour and grain of the maple. On the back of the guitar I have more of a satin finish, again the grain and colour of the mahogany looks great. I really like the feel of the neck when playing. After finishing this guitar I still have enough oil to finish another one.

  2. ZombieSheep

    Follow the instructions, and watch one of the videos that touch on use of this oil, and you will have a har wearing, excellent finish in a fraction of the time you would expect.

  3. IndiEstructibleProductions

    Combined with watching the CG tutorial on the oil and the instructions on the bottle, you are all set! So easy to use and it penetrates the wood so well! And not to mention, it builds up really nicely and gives a GORGEOUS finish 🙂

    I made a video reviewing the product:

  4. Mark

    I absolutely love this stuff. Penetrates and applies better than anything else I’ve ever used. Just wonderfully for necks in particular. Leaves the feel of unfinished wood if you don’t apply too many coats yet it seems to protect as well as any hard finish I’ve tried. (I say “seems” because I’ve only started to use it regularly, so time will tell…). Thank you for having this formulated!

  5. Boba-Fret

    Excellent. I have finished a couple of guitars using the crimson finishing oil so far, a walnut strat and a mahogany LP. Both have yeilded fine results with so little effort it’s almost laughable. Wipe on, wipe off. Bingo. Job’s a good’n. The first I sanded all the way to 600 grit, the second I stopped at 240 to see if I could get away with it. I can’t really see any difference between the two so 240 it is. It’s foolproof really, I’m not sure it could get any easier.

  6. mike_c777 (verified owner)

    I can confirm that spilling the bottle over no less than 3 times will make a light carpet a bit brown. Spillages aside, it is a fantastic product and goes a long way, even after taking user stupidity into account.

  7. ianlosborne (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Well packaged and really pleased with the results. Along with the Stunning Stain I was using, I was able to easily apply several coats as described in Ben’s useful (as always) YouTube video. The neck was clear lacquered as I had applied custom decals, so the body was given four coats front and back and there is enough to treat a second project. The advice I would give is that with the right preparation and a lot of patience you can produce amazing results.

  8. p.stone-09 (verified owner)

    This oil really does work well and does give a professional finish if applied correctly. However it isn’t as compatible with the stains as stated. After three coats a day apart the oil had pulled up a lot of my dye and even some of the colour from my grain filler. I then left the oil to cure over a week before continuing and it worked much better. My piece isn’t what I had hoped but I am sure if you let the oil cure over a week after the first coat this would have been avoided :/

  9. Hansi

    This might be a good product, but at least for me it didnt work as was supposed to and wasnt as easy as advertised. I applied 7 coats of oil like you are supposed to according to the description, but after curing for 2 weeks the guitar is still sticky. I am lost and dont know what to do now.

  10. Talitha Crowe

    We are sorry to learn that you have been unhappy with this product.
    It sounds like the oil has been applied too quickly and in rather thick coats, without enough time to cure between coats. We recommend using 2000 grit sandpaper and sanding the guitar body back until it is smooth and no longer sticky. We hope this has been helpful.

  11. Jakefriesen (verified owner)

    Like it was stated before, this is probably a good product. It worked out just OK, following the directions for a matte finish. But I am not totally happy with the directions given, especially for what I was going for.
    first off, I used the Crimson black water based stain. The stain goes on nice and dark and even, but it looks to me to be almost a very very dark purple! Almost black. Once applied to the lighter colored wood, it slowly became more and more black. The color was pretty much acceptable after 2 coats. I then sanded down areas on the guitar for a distressed look. It turned out amazing in color. Back to the oil. I put on 4 coats over the black, because I wanted the flat sheen. Forget about doing only 4 Coates, I recommend atleast 6 or 7, maybe even 8 coats. Reason being, after letting everything cure for a week with a fan on it, I cut it back with 0000 cleaned steel wool. For some reason, the black wants to get pulled back out of the guitar! It Made my forearm blackish and I even put 2 good coats of Renaissance wax on it! In hind sight, I’d do 8 light coats, 24 hours in between, use a little steel wool in between coats here and there, and really, I meen really scrub to get the excess off, but then watch out for lint as you REALLY rub with the paper towels. It gets sticky and pulls the paper apart. I tried lots of different kinds. Get the paper towels Ben uses! then I cut back the sheen with more wool. I probably put on to heavy of a coat of oil for it not to cure in 4 hours. On bare wood, 3 or 4 coats might do, but not with the stain. Stain didn’t soak in good enough. Do not rush all these steps. Bank on a whole week, putting on the finish, then another to cure! No joke. Guitar looks amazing in the end, but I might have to strip the guitar again, strip off the wax, and put on 4 more oil coats. We’ll see. Thanks

  12. (verified owner)