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Router Cutter – Three Flute Top Guide Plunge – 19mm x 32mm


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Product Description

A stunning addition to the Radian tool arsenal especially for guitar builders.  A plunge cutter with top bearings allows us to now rout pickup and control cavities with the same ease and quality as the four flute rebate, round over and outline router bits.  Nice!

This premium router cutter goes through hard materials effortlessly with less build up of heat. The Radian 3 flute bit will leave a better finish straight from the tool with greatly extended tool life due to the extra blades.


  • Big cutting capacity.
  • Less heat build-up than a similar two blade cutter.
  • TCT blades
  • 32mm cutter height.
  • Professional quality materials and workmanship throughout.
  • Aggressive shear angle for efficient chip ejection.
  • The extra Tungsten Carbide gives great tool life. These cutters will go up to twice as far as a similar double flute pro-cutters but are not double the price.

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