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We are very excited to finally bring you our own, specially developed, Crimson Guitars range of stains.

All stains are available in 150ml bottles.


We are very excited to finally bring you our own, specially developed, Crimson Guitars range of stains.

All stains are available in 150ml bottles, enough for 3 full guitars at the very least.

Also, check out the new Stunning Stains Shots – concentrated pigments ready for you to mix with water.  You can create your own palette of colours.

Stunning Stain Swatches Colour Wheel

Please note that the stain samples in our photographs were applied to prepared blanks of Flamed Maple and that the colours you achieve will depend entirely on the wood you are applying the stain onto.


See our YouTube channel for more videos on how to get the most out of your new Crimson Guitars tool as well as a myriad of guitar building tutorials and demo videos.

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Weight 0.3 kg

All 12 Stains, Amber, Black, Blue – Denim, Blue – Phthalo, Blue – Royal, Brown, Cherry Red, Crimson Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow

17 reviews for Stunning Stains

  1. Kev

    I used the yellow stain on a flame maple top and head stock. It really made the grain pop out and gave it that 3D effect. It was very easy to use and goes a long way. I easily achieved the colour I was wanting. I also watched the stunning stain videos which was very helpful. I would highly recommend this product. I look forward to trying some of the different colours.

  2. ZombieSheep

    I’ve used a couple of colours from this range, and coverage an colour uniformity are excellent.

  3. KenickieB

    Have used the Cherry Red on a couple of instruments. Fantastic stuff really comes out so good.

  4. IndiEstructibleProductions

    Made yet another review video, because damn… these stains are amazing. So many other stains I’ve tried have always smudged and not really blended at all, leaving nasty overlappings and such. Stunning Stains do not have this problem one bit 🙂

  5. Al (verified owner)

    Bought the brown and the black and as the name implies the results are stunning.

  6. worldelephantseal (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with these stains. I bought the cherry red and the brown with the intention of blending them to get the shade I wanted. I ended up sticking with the cherry red by itself because I liked it so much!

    Very easy to apply, they mix well together, look great, and are very reasonably priced.

  7. jproulx3 (verified owner)

    AMAZING PRODUCT!!! I bought a bottle of the orange stain a while back and just used it for the first time today. The application was so easy – it went on smooth and consistent. The colour was bright (even on mahogany). I can’t say enough good things about this stain. I will definitely be using this on all future builds.

  8. ianlosborne (verified owner)

    A fantastic and versatile product. I shopped around for quite some time before discovering Stunning Stains. Easy to apply and you can built up layers easily. I was able to colour match the neck and back of the guitar body with a darker stain and still apply enough on the front to make the striping on the the veneer pop. When used with the Crimson guitar finishing oil (which is brilliant) and some wax for added protection I have been overjoyed with the results. I will definitely be purchasing more for future projects.

  9. Nick_S (verified owner)

    I used the Black Stunning Stain to try and stain a particularly oily piece of Granadillo. It darkened the very orange wood to a light rosewood without fuss. It applied easily, and evenly. Three coats gave a great finish. On a lighter, less oily wood, it quickly stained to a deep black with just two coats. I’m more than impressed with the staining qualities, and would definitely use again.

  10. aernoutbok (verified owner)

    Great product an delivered well-packed in Italy!
    I used the Cherry Red stain on my Swamp Ash T-caster. Easy to apply, and together with the finishing oil it had a perfect smooth and intense colored result.

  11. p.stone-09 (verified owner)

    These stains work well and from use I can see they give a deep colour. I mixed the greeen and blue to make a turquoise. The colours tend to be on the darker side so you may need to add some white to brighten them up especially when using the oil to finish as the darkens the colour even more.

  12. joeshier (verified owner)

    There are a lot of misnomers in the world. “Stunning Stains” is most definitely not one of them.

  13. Douglas Dishman (verified owner)

    I have to say that these IMHO are the best stains I have ever used…and I have used them all. These stains even tint pick guards and it does not rub out. They cover uniformly and unlike some stains they leave no “hide” marks…or residue. I need to order the whole kit as the ones I have used have been nothing short of amazing. Crimson Guitars deliver again !!!

  14. s.p.henderson (verified owner)

    I used these stains on a kit build to make a denim-blue burst effect over a pine top – a base of black stain with phthalo blue on top.

    I’m really happy with the result. The stains were easy to apply and getting a burst effect by sanding back the base coat was very easy to achieve.

    Photo of the finished guitar:

  15. john.gundy (verified owner)

    I am currently using stunning stains cherry red over an initial coat of black which was sanded back to highlight the grain, i’m staining a mahogany les paul (no maple cap) .i must say these stains are so easy to use and a little bit goes a long way , the results i achieved after just 2 coats were amazing, a fantastic product

  16. janne.t.u.raatikainen (verified owner)

    I live in Finland and it was – 25 celsius today and the stains were in my mailbox. So they are frozen hard as a rock. So this is a little experiment how the stains will work after they melt😁 The bottles didn’t explode, that’s positive😁 i’ll give you an update how they manage through a cold winter and polar bears.

  17. Talitha Crowe

    Hi Janne
    Thank you for your message. We would be very interested to hear the results of your experiment. Best of luck.

  18. pleunverheyden (verified owner)

    I used green and phthalo blue to make a turquoise and used the blue around the edge to create a burst. Although I only used the product on a quilted maple veneer, the stains are indeed stunning! Especially when combined with the finishing oil.

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