An in-depth look at what goes on at the Crimson Guitars Studio.




A Mini ‘What’s on the Bench?’ with Christopher Owen.  In this video he talks about re-fretting a Maple neck without the need to refinish it.



We have a talk with Luthier Christopher Owen, who is in charge of all the students who join us for courses ranging from single days to a full 3 months.


Ben talks to Luthier Tom about two custom guitars that he is working on.  These twin guitars will be eight stringed instruments of the same overall design but with different woods for the bodies, necks and fretboards.

The most interesting thing about these guitars will be the myriad of lights and LEDs that will be incorporated into the fretboards and around the circumference of each body.  We are looking forward to seeing the final result.


We see what Luthier Luigi is working on.  This custom guitar is not an order for a customer, but will be a stock instrument which will be taken to various Guitar Shows and will be available for purchase in our shop.

This instrument came about for Luigi to practice his skills and put together an instrument consisting of all his favorite things to see on a guitar.


Master Luthier Ben has been working on this 12 string guitar and we are now seeing the true beauty of this monochrome masterpiece.


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