At Crimson Guitars we have been building renowned custom guitars for 14 years and have worked with such luminaries as Robert Fripp and Charlie Jones.  We also produce a full range of guitar building tools, luthiers supplies and jigs from fret leveling files to guitar templates, plans and an extensive range of tonewoods.  Our online guitar making school, the guild, has over a hundred free and premium video tutorials to help anyone learn how to build their own guitar or bass.

custom guitars

Master luthier Ben Crowe draws heavily on his training in building baroque violins and viola da gambas but has spent the last decade and more expanding his skills to encompass the disciplines of engineering and modern design.  A custom guitar, or even a guitar building tool or online course, is not just about construction methods or individual components, it is about passion and a slavish attention to detail and ergonomics.

luthiers supplies and guitar making tools

A guitar builder has to have the best specialist guitar making tools.  Over the past few years our small team at Crimson Guitars have been building up a large range of bespoke tools and jigs, templates and plans and general luthiers supplies. We make custom guitar kits, bodies and necks in our Dorset, UK workshops and even supply a wide range of tone woods to luthiers around the globe.

guitar building course, tutorials and forums

In our luthiers guild and forums you can join thousands of other guitar makers as they learn the craft of luthiery.  Ben has filmed hundreds of video tutorials focusing on every stage of building a custom guitar, most of them are free to view with a premium membership available for exclusive videos and an online guitar building course.

Throughout each working day we post photo’s of every phase of every build, you can see each hand made guitar grow from timber to tunes live or at weeks end through the Workshop Diary! Why not contact us to discuss your idea of the perfect stringed instrument, we do love a challenge.